This is Twstd!

 Twstd is a motion design studio born from the desire to turn things around and get them moving, bringing ideas alive and develop vibrant and appealing visual concepts.
Twstd is the brainchild of Luis Soares a graphic designer, involved for over 20 years in branding, packaging and other graphic design stuff, and in desperate need to shake things up.
Twstd loves to dance and can’t live without music.
Twstd is a boutique studio set in an actual store, and like any good store, Twstd aims to offer a personalized service focused on guaranteeing total client satisfaction. 


Currently our office is undergoing serious renovation but soon you will be able to visit the Twstd Motion Store at:
Estrada de Benfica, 253C
1500-071 Lisbon, Portugal

Twstd would love
to hear from you:
Thank you!
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