PLMJ is one of the largest law firms in Portugal, with several offices home and abroad. In 2019 they rolled out their new brand -- an audacious global project expertly tackled by Blug. I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to develop an assortment of eclectic motion behaviours for this quirky brand as well as its overseas affiliate sub-brands.

“Audacious and full of attitude, unconditioned by traditional reading codes and rules of construction between letters, the dynamic logo never loses his PLMJ reading. (…) In the same way that we managed to get the signature to convey the essence of PLMJ, we wanted to assure that the restlessness and the free and conquering spirit that characterizes this society was present in the dynamic manifestation of its logo. It portrays the brand's dynamism, always in reinvention, and it aims to demonstrate an energetic and alive extension of the identity.”

in Blug’s PLMJ Case Study
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